The Coop is outside!

And it almost has a roof! I don't know why I didn't move the ladder for this picture.. You can see where the run gate will be though. We will be reusing the bottom half of the amazing coal miner's door we found and cut in half to make the front door.
There is more of a roof. It actually has shingles on one side now but I didn't remember to photograph that because I was too busy trying to convince Dad that painting the roof and rafters pale pink inside was good use of my time and not at all unnecessary. 

See? Totally necessary. Men don't get me.
The ladies were lucky enough to get front row seats to the building today, all under that watchful eye of Max.
SO happy it is outside!!
Newest dilemma. DO I leave the door white? Or do I make the entire exterior the magnificent blue?
The ladies move in tomorrow night!


hmmm, leave it white for awhile, then paint it blue

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