My Eggs were laid today!

SO our chicks ship on the 21st. That means my eggs were laid today (maybe tomorrow but I was never good at math.)! I only have two coming this first round, the rest will follow in late March. I have pieced out their names (sort off...)

The little Australorp chick will be named Satchel. She will be big, all black, and if my gut is correct, the head hen. I don't know why, but I believe she will be. 

The little Standard White Cochin will be Rosie. Or Apple. One of those two names. 

Also, Natalie please teleport me a lavender Orpington please. I am so jelly.

Lavender Orpingtons

I've identified the rooster.  His name is Earl.
I got these adorable babies from a vet. But she didn't know how to sex them.  You're a vet! You're supposed to know these things!!!  I've decided I have 3 hens and one roo.  The roo is on the front right.  His wing feathers are longer than the other 3, and his beak is longer and skinnier.  I <3 them.

Miracle chicks 1-4

Today a miracle happened.
First, let me tell you background stuff.  (clear throat) Sooo, I found this ad on craigslist for LAVENDER ORPINGTONS!!  AHHHH!! And I knew there was NO WAY I could justify a trip to Spokane to bring some home to my clammy little hands. But I managed to weasel my way into it anyway and Eliasib doesn't even know the REAL reason we're going to Spokane tomorrow (he thinks we're going for Home Depot he he he).

So, this morning during my break I went the grocery store and happily asked for cash back so I could have my wad of cash ready for the chicks tomorrow.  I grabbed my groceries and stuffed the cash and receipt into my jacket pocket.  A potentially disastrous move on my part.

(Later that day)  I got off work and rushed home to hopefully take a nap but was met by my extremely energized puppy who snapped me back to reality and made me realize I had to walk him in the super windy horrible weather outside before I could even think about a nap.
I grabbed my jacket and Ocho (my puppy) and we started on our 1 1/2 mile trek.  We walked everywhere! In town, by the river, over two bridges, down the hill, up the hill, around and around, and finally back home again.  I put everything on the kitchen table and realized something.  The wad....was..MISSING!!!!  My wad of cash was MISSING!!!!!!  PANIC!!!!!

I prayed a lot, knowing what an absurd request I had.  My wad of cash that I should be using to buy gas, that I'm using to buy chicks-  I need it back!!  It's somewhere out there! In the wind!!!  

I retraced my steps back through town, by the river, two bridges, up, down and around, knowing how utterly miraculous it would be to find that wad out here in this wind.

I paused at the place where Ocho had stopped to go poop and looked down.  THE WAD!!!!!!!!!
The wad was laying in the snow, pinned by the wind to a wooden post, as if it were an alter!
It's a miracle!!  I walked dumbfounded home with my wad knowing that I was going to have four miracle chicks the next day.


Read 'im his rights!

The intelligence of the chicken allows him to
take charge of civil matters.


So when I put my chick order in, EVERY SINGLE COCHIN was sold out. Natalie said I just had to have a cochin so I was bummed. I spent some time searching out Craigslist, nada thing. Bummer. I figured I would just pick other chicks instead, which I did of course, and bide my time. Surely the heavenly Cochin would find me. 
a mock up of my incoming flock, with newly added Cochin on far right.
Meyer Hatchery sent me an email letting me know that they have projected over hatching of white Cochins. and that there would be a few random dates where there would be some available. My chicks I ordered were set to ship on 3/26, which was unfortunately not a magical Cochin date. HOWEVER, my father in law has chicks set to arrive on 2/21 which I did add a which cochin to. So now in less than a month I have a Cochin baby and a black Australorp. They will be my FIRST baby chicks ever and I am very excited to meet them.


Oh, just your average omelet with mushroom, pepper and cilantro made with farm fresh eggs from the chicken chapel.  Normal.

Oh, and by the way, Megan is a crazy bitty for not wanting to sleep.

My best work happens at 3am.

I don't believe in sleep. I think it is the biggest waste of time and I wouldn't participate in it but I would die.
3am particularly, is my hour. It is when I bake, when I have my best ideas, and when I try out all the random DIY stuff I find on Pinterest. Tonight's project was putting together handmade bird treats from seed. I found the how-to HERE.
I didn't have heart cookie cutters (or actually ANY cookie cutters) so I am drying mine as we speak in muffin tins. Hopefully I can flip them tomorrow morning and dry out the other side. 

Birdseed Wedding Favor Hearts
(Makes approximately 21 two-inch hearts)
  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 envelope unflavored gelatin (2.5 teaspoons)
  • 3 tbsp corn syrup
  • 4 cups birdseed
Mix flour, water, gelatin and corn syrup in big ass bowl. Add birdseed and stir well.
Press down into molds of your choice and let dry over night. 
 The website has further instructions on how to make a hole in them to hang them with twine.
It is important to note that while birdseed is just fine for chickens (mine even border on violence when they suspect me of holding out on them) it should never be used as a main food source because it has such a low protein percentage.

It's practically a religion

Howdy all!

Yes, it's high time you met our flock!  They're a distinguished bunch to say the least!  Before  Megan's lot split off we rung in at 13 here in Palouse.  Now two of our best have made the journey to Pennsylvania to be guarded lovingly by Charlie the Pug.  Though we now represent from two different states, we will always be one flock (this sounds so religious).   And we were together just long enough to create a super healthy (very unhealthy?) OBSESSION with these dignified, prehistoric little wonders, the chickens.

This is going to be a great year! The year of the Chicken!

Stay tuned for introductions.

Until then, stay warm and enjoy an egg prepared your favorite way!

Attila the Hen

This is the boss hen in Natalie's flock before she was so ferosh. Fear Attila the Hen.


Natalie is my best friend. She also gave me my first chicken and now I can't quit. 
We used to live together and have a consolidated flock, but now I live in Pennsylvania. I brought my 2 white silkies with me (they are still pretty pissed about the 36 hour drive and refuse to lay eggs) and I am expecting new chicks this March. Natalie's amazing flock is still with her of course, but I will let her introduce you to them later. 

We are so excited to share our flocks with you!

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