Chicken Coop construction begins tomorrow!!!

YAY! We finally start to build the Silkie Palace tomorrow! It will only be the Silkie Palace for a few months though, as they will soon be sharing it with a bunch of non-Silkies. I am sure they will not be too happy, but they will be the smallest hens in the house, so they don't get to complain too much.
This is my main inspiration photo. For now we decided to stick to a modest 4x4 foot coop and build the amazing huge one when we get a place of our own. I am very attached to the pale blue idea and I love the room underneath for extra ground room. Reminds me of Natalie's a little bit!

This is a stencil I just made tonight. I am going to have a big 14 inch window on the left side of the coop above a flower box and I am going to acid etch this stencil onto it. I couldn't find a vintage stained glass window that was affordable so I came up with this. Adorable!!!

I will be sure to take photos along the way. I am sure the chickens are super excited.


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