The Coop has COLOR.

Charles welcomes you to this post.

SO these silkies are getting really sick of hanging out inside. Queenie laid me another egg as a sign of encouragement to keep working on the coop. It worked because we got all the painting done today. 

Don't let the clean space fool you, I am COVERED in paint right now. I know the last picture of a coop I posted as my inspiration was this pale, calm, lovely blue coop. I am not a demure person. I tried so hard to restrain myself to a calm color but my love of bold cannot be contained. I chose this bright blue color because it reminded me of an ameraucana egg. 
Of course I painted the inside a pale peachy pink, just like the insides of some egg shells are when freshly cracked. Will is especially unimpressed with the pink color.

A better look inside. Pink little rooms for my hens to lay me more eggs. Delightful.

Don't let the angry silkie eyes fool you, they are AMPED.


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