Chicken Duplicate!!

Meet the very first baby chick hatched right here at the Apodaca's by our very own Atilla the Hen.  Her name is Orpah, because she is a cross between an orpington and a brahma.  And also Oprah is her favorite TV personality. We are very very excited to have her in our flock!!

Atilla is a very protective mother, and she is still sitting on a bunch of eggs, so maybe Orpah will have siblings.  Only time will tell.

Love at First Peck

Meet Cari.
Cari is a new chicken enthusiast who came over to spend some time with the Fancy Egg flock.  Tyler the cochin banty roo took it upon himself to make sure she had a good time.  Cari has always wanted chickens and with any luck a homespun flock of her own is in the near future.  
Tyler says, "come back soon and it won't just be a peck" ;)

Current Events at Fancy Egg Farms

Inspecting the camera for possible food scraps
                                                             the lovely lavender pair
                                                                    Betty Boop looking classy
                                    my darling birchen maran hen chick, she will lay dark brown eggs!
                                             Earl is checking out the newcomers
                          didn't think I had enough chickens so say hello to my lavender cochin banties
                                       oh well, some people collect fiestaware ;) I collect poultry.

Silkie and Satin

                                                         No explanation needed right?

Impostor Chicken!!

      This morning it was so nice outside that, despite the fact that I knew my chickens would probably  venture beyond the boundaries of my property into my now congenial neighbor's yard outskirts, I flung open the doors of their coop and watched them greedily pour out into my sunbathed backyard.  With nothing but delectable springtime morsels on their minds they were all determined to go as far as necessary to find the prime location for grub hunting.  I knew this could only end in neighbor wrath, but I couldn't bring myself to leave them cooped up. So I went inside and decided to ignore the situation.
      Later I went outside to see if my confounded dog had dug any holes in the yard even though I already knew the answer.  I saw Stella at the edge of the road, about to venture into some neighbors' bushes.  Oddly enough, she was alone.  Usually she has a chicken posse who will only leave my backyard if she is leading the way.
     So I grabbed her and locked her in the coop along with a few other chickens I surmised could eventually become accomplices.  I went back inside.
     Later I returned to the backyard to see Stella OUTSIDE the coop eating birdseed in my other neighbors' yard - a favorite spot of hers, or was it Stella?  I looked in the coop and Stella was there.  Double Stella!!  Which one was the REAL Stella?
     I started chasing the Stella duplicate and she was really fast so I decided she was the impostor and I had the real Stella confined.  So I left again and decided it was my neighbor's problem to deal with the Stella foe.
     I started doubting myself.  What if that WAS Stella?  And if it wasn't, my neighbors will think it's my chicken and I will get blamed!  WHO IS THE REAL STELLA?!
     I went outside and let both Stella's out.  I looked at both of them, but couldn't tell the difference.  This is why I never get the same kind of chicken, I'm bad at small differences (by the way I'm married to an identical twin).  I tried to catch one, but couldn't catch either.  What a mess.  Maybe they're both impostors, maybe there are two Stellas!
     One was slightly smaller and at the moment, seemed more skittish.  A light bulb went on in my head  Attila will know what to do.
     I chased one of the Stella's over to Attila and gave the matter over to her.  No one knows Stella better than Attila, they both share the head hen role, and are matriarchal colleagues.  Attila did a double take, and then started chasing her!  Impostor Stella! I found you!!!  I quickly joined Attila and ran down duplicate Stella.  I grabbed her up and walked across the street and set her in my neighbor's chicken run.  I came back and found the REAL STELLA eating birdseed in my other neighbors' yard.  I lured her back with wheat and set her back in the coop.
Enough chicken adventures for today.

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter from Strawberry!

Click on the link below for a digging lesson from Yvette!

New chicks and springtime.

The last batch of chicks has arrived until we pick up our blue Cochins on the 6th. Included in this batch were 2 Easter Eggers (Waffles and Seer), a blue splash Maran (Vera Wing), my Salmon Faverolle (Minerva, or Mimsy for short), and a silver aced Wyandotte for Dan.

Waffle's legs are turning green! Guess I will have green eggs soon.

Vera already has her pose down. 

I was also given a weeping blue atlas cedar by Dan. It looks just terrible and he was going to give up on it, but I am the queen of lost causes and I have claimed it as my own now. It lives in a big pot now awaiting a someday yard.

The older chicks have been outside for a few weeks now and they are thriving. Rosie is actually getting really pretty, making me glad I didn't decide to adopt her out to make room for another chick. 

The older chick's set up with Dan's awesome new raised beds for veggies.

Tulips finally popped.

Satchel and Rosie say bye until next time!

Chickens and Giggles

My niece Clara, accompanied by my sis and b-in-law came to visit the homestead this weekend! Yaye!!  And squeezed in between bouts of severe weather, there was a window of hopeful sunshine.  We didn't wait to ask questions, but grabbed rakes and gloves and exploded outside for some therapeutic yard work.  Everyone participated including the chickens and of course Clara (after her nap).
As springtime crept to within almost arms reach, all who were present worked devotedly to make the most out of every drop of sunlight.  Chickens on their rake feet and us with our only slightly useful rusty metal rakes newly discovered from the shed in the back, merged to clear the front lawn of all moldy leaves and dead grass.

The severe weather soon returned, and we quickly returned indoors after scurrying about battening down all hatches.  But whether the day's goals were to eat bugs or to make our property look less embarrassingly neglected, chicken and human met on a common playing field and shared in victory.

Big Chicken Move

This weekend we moved...across the street.  The chickens definitely stepped up in luxury.  

Their day started out pretty normal:  sunbathing, de-worming the soil, wrecking havoc on the neighborhood like the chicken gang they are- 

 fluffy orpington butts
 hello from Flauta
 chicken trafficking 

 just in time to duck in for a brief hail.
Phew, so glad to have the girls in their own little mansion!

Spring is here!

Wow, so I have been a bad blogger! I have been so bust planting seeds, helping Dan build his own coop, and basing chicks it has been hard to find time to drop by. Fear not though, I come with video.
And our baby chicks are spending their first night outside. Ugh! I hope they all don't die. I know I'm being ridiculous. 


Yvette is hard at work.  The sooner she can take over the world with her army of chicks the better!

In a Fowl Mood

My grandpa loves my chickens!  Look at that sense of awe on his face.

 The girls are finally free ranging.  They couldn't be happier!  They even found worms!  Good job girls!
 I look really good in pictures.
 Neighboring deer acrobatics

Days like this make shivering for the last 3 months an insignificant splatter in time.  A good day can cover a multitude of wintery trials.  Daylight savings, spring break, worms, seeds, grass...chicken sigh.

Easter Egg Hunt

 Uh oh!  As my mom and I were moving items from our carport into the trailer we discovered Yvette's secret egg stash.  Yvette is my smart chicken who climbs the chicken wire like it's a ladder and finds any gap between staples in the netting that is covering the chicken run and escapes multiple times a day.  She also has a very conversational cackle. She is a forward thinking chicken and is almost always outside the coop so I just leave her out because I know she will just escape if I put her back.  It looks like her plans of world domination by hatching dozens of tiny replicas of herself are foiled for now.  But she may have other tricks up her sleeve.

In other news, Bluebell the silkie appears to still be a hen after being suspected of transforming into a rooster. The jury is presently still out.  She may be posing as a hen in order to avoid being sold on craigslist.  Stay tuned for updates regarding her gender.

A Natural Easter

No dye required! All you need is a darling ameraucana hen!

Bird of the Day: the Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington


Unfortunately, they have not been imported into the US yet apparently.

The world of chickens seems to be much brighter across the big water.  Dang, Europeans are classy!  Anyone who makes a hobby out of cultivating new and glamorous varieties of chickens is made of PURE CLASS!!

Check out to ogle over an enormous amount of rare orpington varieties...and to realize you cannot get them here.  :( :( :(

I hope someone somewhere is doing something about this.  Megan, we may have a project on our hands.

Settling in

My lovely Polish ladies are settling in wonderfully. 
They really look gorgeous against the pale pink interior of their coop home.

Clementine is really rocking a serious hairdo right now.

They are pretty much badasses.

Of course, Queen badass is still Queenie Puff Puff, head hen.

"You ain't got any raisins, you can just LEAVE."

Unlike the silkies, the Polish are really good at using the coop ladder. I need to install more rungs for them.

This little biddy is quickly becoming my favorite chick. Satchel is a doll!

Also, the Hellbore I have been waiting for finally flowered this week after TWO years of waiting.

Charlie is becoming quite the carpenter.

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