The Coop Begins

Before I start off on coop details I should mention that I told Queenie Puff Puff last night we were building her a 4ftx4ft coop today. This morning she had laid her first Pennsylvania egg for me. Its been WEEKS since an egg. You can't tell me she didn't understand.

Ok, so after grabbing up all of the wood in Home Depot Dad and I got to building. He trusts me to do stuff cause he is crazy and he tells me to measure out and cut the 2x4s for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wall after showing me how to use the dangerous saw of doom and I get to it.

SO somehow instead of measuring out 46.5 inches i measured everything at 36.5. Because that made sense in my head at the time. This is what your walls look like when you out them together without realizing your mistake. Thumbs down.
This is what it looks like after your father in law fixes your mistakes within 10 minutes, then laughs at you.
I had bought a door before construction today for $5 at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It is REALLY old and just amazing. Solid wood, GREAT hard wear. The lower half was incredibly warped from what I assume was an afterlife in a wet basement. 
I love the scalloped glass edge! We cut the bottom of it off to create a perfect gallery style door. It will now begin its after after life as a gloriously refurbished entryway for some very lucky hens. We will keep the iron hard ware. 
This is me scraping off the paint that was all over the glass. its like they let a child paint it white back in the 1700s or whenever it was last painted. Pretty sure I inhaled a lot of lead paint particles. Healthy. Ignore my roots please. This door was a pain in the ass.

The coop will gets its walls tomorrow and I have to decide on a paint color. I'm so tired! Life is so hard!
Just kidding, it was a great day.
More pictures tomorrow!


whoo hoo! power tools!! love the door!

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