New ladies in the coop...

Yesterday I picked up 3 lovely Polish ladies from a couple nearby. After their first night together with the others I think they will all be a good fit for each other. Queenie Puff Puff has declared herself head hen, a significant victory for a little white silkie. She did it with minimal pecking, which I certainly appreciate. 
They are all early to rise, but my original girls are also early to bed, usually roosting down before the sun has even set, and of course they seem to think that nesting boxes are bedrooms. It is a habit I have given up on breaking, instead I just scoop the poo for the garden.
The Polish girls are night owls. Clementine (the buff beauty) and her comrades (who I am still trying to name) like to stare out there huge window door for awhile, until maybe it has been dark for 2 hours, then they all scurry to their respective perches, one in her own nesting box suite, the other actually on the roost (excellent), and the 3rd seems to be really into the actually roof area itself, nestling herself into the eaves. 
Of course this has only been the first night and all of this might change, but I am enjoying getting to know each of the girls personalities and how they interact. It has been a pleasure!



so reminiscent of professor chicken

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