Day-old babies

Day old babies next to my 6 1/2 week old orpington hen

Next to an avocado

Olive eggers! That's right! As long as one of the little grey ones turns out to be a hen (fingers crossed), sometime in August I will have olive green eggs!  The black cuties are copper marans and will lay chocolaty brown eggs - again, as long as one is a hen! (fingers and feathers crossed).  I thought I could tell the difference between boys and girls, but since these guys are only hours old, I would've needed a magnifying glass.  I've never had chicks quite this young.  One of the grey ones is still a little wet from hatching a couple hours ago.


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! So adorable!!! You should bring them to work! I want to play with them!

I didn't know you hatched some babies! I love them as chicklets.

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