Human Coop part 2.

That was frightening, wasn't it?! I'm still scared because I am going to own that soon.

Lets ignore the peeling plaster, holes, and lack of a kitchen and instead focus on the fireplaces. 

It is going to need a severe amount of work. It also needs electrical, plumbing, and heat. And insulation. The list goes on and one, but this is right up my alley. This house makes me feel like a school girl. I am impatient to start drywalling after the professionals give us electricity and h2o.

I did some historical research on the properties past and found this background on the first owner of the house:
John Pickett was born in County Clare, Ireland, and in 1852 he emigrated and came to Washington, Pa. He secured work by the day with what is now the B. & O. Railroad and soon proved his value to his employers. Through his kindness of heart, however, he lost his position, the facts being that when the first engine used on the construction work here was left in his charge when it was run on a side track, he was ordered to harbor no tramps within its warm interior. This was during the panic of 1877, when many people were forced out of employment and many also were but poorly provided to withstand the rigors of the winter. When these people, on their way to other sections, came upon Mr. Pickett's engine, they had little difficulty in persuading him to give a night's shelter. This was creditable to him as a man, but was clearly against orders and when the company found it out, he was discharged. Nevertheless he prospered, later was elected and served for some years as street commissioner, and after retiring from that office, engaged in contracting.

Isn't that lovely?! The attic is also filled with boxes and boxes of antique glass Christmas ornaments, which is also making the entire spread even more tempting. I even created a blog for the house I do not yet own, and for the sake of keeping this more chickeny I will forward you there for future updates. Hopefully I will get to put it to use within the next couple of months...


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