Chick to Chic

It's hard to believe that it has been a whole year since my husband and I were nomads in Walla Walla living in my sister's basement. But here we are one year later, and we've gone from chick to chic!  I had the chance to visit my sister in Walla Walla yesterday, and visit her flock.  Last year she brought home many chicks and could very well be the reason that I've gotten into chickens myself.  Her beautiful coop and flock are looking lovely on this unusually warm February morning and she even has snowdrops coming up in her yard!

                                                             Little Pamela the frizzle
                                                              Olga the polish hen
        And Cleo the easter egger. These girls are now one year old, and I remember keeping them in a box in the basement last February!

An exemplary chicken paradise!  Thank you Margo!


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