Miracle chicks 1-4

Today a miracle happened.
First, let me tell you background stuff.  (clear throat) Sooo, I found this ad on craigslist for LAVENDER ORPINGTONS!!  AHHHH!! And I knew there was NO WAY I could justify a trip to Spokane to bring some home to my clammy little hands. But I managed to weasel my way into it anyway and Eliasib doesn't even know the REAL reason we're going to Spokane tomorrow (he thinks we're going for Home Depot he he he).

So, this morning during my break I went the grocery store and happily asked for cash back so I could have my wad of cash ready for the chicks tomorrow.  I grabbed my groceries and stuffed the cash and receipt into my jacket pocket.  A potentially disastrous move on my part.

(Later that day)  I got off work and rushed home to hopefully take a nap but was met by my extremely energized puppy who snapped me back to reality and made me realize I had to walk him in the super windy horrible weather outside before I could even think about a nap.
I grabbed my jacket and Ocho (my puppy) and we started on our 1 1/2 mile trek.  We walked everywhere! In town, by the river, over two bridges, down the hill, up the hill, around and around, and finally back home again.  I put everything on the kitchen table and realized something.  The wad....was..MISSING!!!!  My wad of cash was MISSING!!!!!!  PANIC!!!!!

I prayed a lot, knowing what an absurd request I had.  My wad of cash that I should be using to buy gas, that I'm using to buy chicks-  I need it back!!  It's somewhere out there! In the wind!!!  

I retraced my steps back through town, by the river, two bridges, up, down and around, knowing how utterly miraculous it would be to find that wad out here in this wind.

I paused at the place where Ocho had stopped to go poop and looked down.  THE WAD!!!!!!!!!
The wad was laying in the snow, pinned by the wind to a wooden post, as if it were an alter!
It's a miracle!!  I walked dumbfounded home with my wad knowing that I was going to have four miracle chicks the next day.



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