So when I put my chick order in, EVERY SINGLE COCHIN was sold out. Natalie said I just had to have a cochin so I was bummed. I spent some time searching out Craigslist, nada thing. Bummer. I figured I would just pick other chicks instead, which I did of course, and bide my time. Surely the heavenly Cochin would find me. 
a mock up of my incoming flock, with newly added Cochin on far right.
Meyer Hatchery sent me an email letting me know that they have projected over hatching of white Cochins. and that there would be a few random dates where there would be some available. My chicks I ordered were set to ship on 3/26, which was unfortunately not a magical Cochin date. HOWEVER, my father in law has chicks set to arrive on 2/21 which I did add a which cochin to. So now in less than a month I have a Cochin baby and a black Australorp. They will be my FIRST baby chicks ever and I am very excited to meet them.


the unicorn of chicken-dom!

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