Easter Egg Hunt

 Uh oh!  As my mom and I were moving items from our carport into the trailer we discovered Yvette's secret egg stash.  Yvette is my smart chicken who climbs the chicken wire like it's a ladder and finds any gap between staples in the netting that is covering the chicken run and escapes multiple times a day.  She also has a very conversational cackle. She is a forward thinking chicken and is almost always outside the coop so I just leave her out because I know she will just escape if I put her back.  It looks like her plans of world domination by hatching dozens of tiny replicas of herself are foiled for now.  But she may have other tricks up her sleeve.

In other news, Bluebell the silkie appears to still be a hen after being suspected of transforming into a rooster. The jury is presently still out.  She may be posing as a hen in order to avoid being sold on craigslist.  Stay tuned for updates regarding her gender.


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